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Welcome AATF members!

If you are not an AATF member, please visit the AATF website and consider joining. For just $1, you can also join our SC chapter!

If you are joining for the first time, check out our New Member Scholarship below.

Why join the AATF?


As a non-member of the American Association of Teachers of French, you may be eligible to have SC-AATF pay your membership dues to the AATF and the SC chapter for one year.


Membership, officers, and bylaws of the South Carolina chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French.


Our board is made up of dedicated French teachers from a variety of levels and regions. Contact your board members with any input, questions, or other comments you may have.

President - Abby Van Hoewyk (St. James High School)

Vice President - Julia Royall (West Ashley High School)

Secretary-Treasurer - Brigitte Morin (Charleston Day School)

Past-President - Jeremy Patterson (Bob Jones University)

Membres: Projects
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